Walking to your dock in the still cool air of the early morning, sipping on freshly made coffee. Take a seat at the waterline and settle in to watch the sunrise slowly burn mist off the lake. Wrapped in a soft blanket and soaking up the quiet of the dawn in your backyard, there is no better way to start your day.

Put your feet up on your MOZAIX couch, available in four lengths, and relax in a setting of your own making. This high end, high design outdoor furniture set is customisable in both layout design, frame and cushion material and colour, and tile choices. The warm and large wooden grids in rich oiled mahogany or teak can be filled with enamelled lava stones in five different colour tones, as well as wooden tiles, for the ultimate personalised set up. This signature statement lounge set is subtle, stylish luxury.

Accent the natural hues of the QuickDry cushions with a ROPY. Wrapped in black, olive green or taupe polyolefin rope, the ROPY is a backyard solar-charged light source. It flawlessly combines technology with purposeful design by storing energy in its batteries which are also rechargeable via USB cable. Allow warm sunlight to power your ROPY and light your backyard with natural energy.

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