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A unique blend

of modern luxury

and beachfront beauty!



Beachfront Modern Luxuy

The Villa is truly one of a kind for an exclusive vacation. Designed by St. Martin Architect Cecile Desgurse from Atelier 111 and New York celebrity Interior Designer Vanessa Deleon.    

C’est La Vie was built with a focus on modern luxury. Every detail of the property has exciting features from the driveway to the villa interior. The villa benefits from incredible beach front location – it’s just steps to the beach which has comfy furniture available for guests to relax at all times.

A large sun deck with luxury furniture from Royal Botania extends from the villa that features an incredible private pool. The pool has a built in Jacuzzi, outdoor bar, and swinging hammock loungers that maximize relaxation and fun. C’est La Vie is the ultimate combination of modern luxury and laid back, beachfront bliss.

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