Royal Botania - Belgian outdoor luxury Royal Botania - Belgian outdoor luxury

A refreshing retreat

on the seafront



Expectional view!

Discover a luxury hotel on the Mediterranean in one of Europe’s most dynamic cities. A place where exceptional service comes as standard. Surrounded by a splendid beach and the beauty of the Barcelona waterfront, the outdoor pool is the perfect spot for a refreshing dip or to retreat to peaceful serenity. Expose yourself to the warm afternoon breeze of the Mediterranean and unforgettable sea views.

Around the outdoor pool of Hotel Arts Barcelona you will find a place to rest and recover on one of the comfortable sunbeds of Royal Botania, as well as oversized hammocks placed on the seafront side of the pool area. A separate outdoor tub, basking in the golden, copper dappled shade of Frank Gehry’s monumental fish sculpture, invites you to discover a place where time is luxuriously treasured.

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