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Fabrics Because only the best will do, all Royal Botania fabrics have been woven from mass-coloured acrylic fibre; your guarantee of optimal water- and UV resistance, plus years of comfort.

Royal Botania has created a new innovative method of protecting outdoor cushions from weather elements of rain and dew.

It means that your outdoor furniture cushions will dry quicker and last even longer. The new solution laminates a special membrane to high performance textiles, which are then sealed together to produce a material called RainStop. RainStop has outstanding resistance to water.

TIP Royal Botania cushions are resistant to heavy rain, however we recommend they are covered overnight.



Most stains on the fabrics can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Simply remove dirt by scrubbing with water (under 40°C) and natural soap. Rinse liberally with clean water to remove all the soap. Removable covers can be washed at 40°C in the washing machine. Do not iron or spin dry. To prevent creasing replace the covers while still damp, and dry in the open air. Store the material in a dry, wellventilated area during the winter.

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Become your own landscape architect with the help of the Royal Botania Terrace Planner.

Terrace Planner

Use our 3D terrace planner to design your outdoor space.
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